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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Hi Marianne – missing your words of wisdom and caution. I saw this article that affects our industry at various levels. Thought it should get mentioned on your most excellent blog.

    Apparently Tucker got himself a little Netflix movie chronicling his mis-deeds. I believe it’s called “Dirty Money”

  2. Just finished watching Season 1, Episode 2 of Netflix’s Dirty Money. A dramatic account of Scott Tucker’s payday lending business for which he was convicted on 14 counts and received a 17 year sentence. An interesting side note is ASU Law School’s association with an Arizona lawyer that has set up a trade group of tribal payday lenders ad pressure mounted to dismantle such businesses. Then the Trump administration began and efforts to relax regulation of the payday lending industry is taking hold. Interesting times indeed.

  3. mmjdiary says:

    Amazing how fundraising clouds judgment.

  4. mmjdiary says:

    Sign of trouble: “Dirty Money” as the title of a movie about you.

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