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“A hero.”

Alice Cancel, describing Sheldon Silver, the former New York state legislator who was convicted of corruption charges. Ms. Cancel is running to take his seat, vacated due to the likelihood of jail time for Mr. Silver.

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“Eliot Spitzer is subject of assault probe in NYC”

Headline from USA Todayon February 16, 2016. The investigation is based on a woman’s phone calls to police and their response to events between her and Spitzer in a $1,000 per night hotel suite. Mr. Spitzer’s spokeswoman say that there … Continue reading

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“It’s a pillar of New York culture.”

One of the first customers at the Carnegie Deli, when the restaurant opened its doors again after being closed for 10 months. The reason for the closure? The joint was shut down after utility workers discovered that the restaurant had … Continue reading

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The Dewey & LeBoeuf Mess

Who knows what happened at the once 1,300-lawyer firm? Well, post-2008, the law firm was not doing as well as it would have liked. Revenue was not what it needed to be, particularly if the firm was to meet the … Continue reading

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How Many Times Must We Live Through The Same Ethical Collapse Signs? Zenefits

The story is always the same. A new company, a darling with double-digit growth that brings the IPO, and more growth. Annual recurring revenue (that magical measurement that software companies love) went from $1 million in the company’s starting year … Continue reading

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