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10 Responses to Contact

  1. Hi Marianne – missing your words of wisdom and caution. I saw this article that affects our industry at various levels. Thought it should get mentioned on your most excellent blog.

    Apparently Tucker got himself a little Netflix movie chronicling his mis-deeds. I believe it’s called “Dirty Money”

  2. Just finished watching Season 1, Episode 2 of Netflix’s Dirty Money. A dramatic account of Scott Tucker’s payday lending business for which he was convicted on 14 counts and received a 17 year sentence. An interesting side note is ASU Law School’s association with an Arizona lawyer that has set up a trade group of tribal payday lenders ad pressure mounted to dismantle such businesses. Then the Trump administration began and efforts to relax regulation of the payday lending industry is taking hold. Interesting times indeed.

  3. mmjdiary says:

    Amazing how fundraising clouds judgment.

  4. mmjdiary says:

    Sign of trouble: “Dirty Money” as the title of a movie about you.

  5. Dave says:

    Another sobering article in WSJ, this time about our friends in philanthropy. I started working with small family offices and larger foundations in 2012 and it’s provided quite the education since. At one point I was perplexed and angered by the chairman of a foundation’s impact investing committee when he asked me why he should approve a 2% impact investment (i.e. a low interest loan that mandates the funds’ use generate Environmental, Governance or Social impacts in the communities we serve) to our organization when the foundation’s more typical investment vehicles generate a 4% return. I replied something to the effect of – “if your role is to chase financial returns then make the typical investment but if this is the foundation’s impact investment committee then our investment should qualify.” It would be another 2 years and my berating of the foundation at workshops, webinars and private conversations before the foundation finally recanted. This article suggests where the true priorities often reside.

    5/29/2018 WSJ Article

  6. Anita Cipriano says:

    Article on “McCain Exception for “Never Speak ill of the dead”, Friday, September 7th.
    Excellent. My thoughts exactly. And what did it say about McCain that he would “plan” his funeral and put his family through one week of hell.

  7. Frances Dishmon says:

    Read your ‘guest your turn’ in todays (9/7/18) Republic – BRAVO! I now know that real ‘journalism’ is alive and the biased Republic is printing it. This comment does not come because I am a ‘so-called Trumpite’. It comes because I have had a few years of personally observing the McCains and friends. While I have voted for JohnMcCain, I have learned to regret it. I started ‘researching’ the man after my ‘observations’ started to crumble my idea of his ‘persona’. Your column nailed it! I am 77 years old and remember what my Dad told me years ago. “Don’t believe everything and half of what you see – research it”. This may label me as a skeptic but his advise always rings true.

  8. mmjdiary says:

    So true — I find that I have to check every source — 2-3 times.

  9. mmjdiary says:

    I have told my family one hour MAX — a week with cross-country travel had to be difficult, even for those used to the public eye. Thanks for the comment.

  10. mmjdiary says:

    Actually, the spelling is correct — the name is ” Gerald Cotten.” Proper names do not always go with the spelling of similar sounding objects. You are thinking of the word “cotton.” You might want to alert HelloSpell that you can’t just do a scan and hope that you catch an error — you did not. If I listened to you and HelloSpell, I would indeed have an error.

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