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“This is not like a guy taking $500 for a zoning change. This is selling a U.S. Senate seat.”

Chicago Alderman Brian Doherty.  Actually, Alderman Doherty, they are exactly the same.  Public corruption is public corruption, whether $500 or $500,000.  The Barometer is really worried about Chicago’s ability to reform. 

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Oh, my! Madoff!

So, WorldCom was a $3.8 billion accounting fraud.  We hooted it up over that one, calling the company’s collapse the largest bankruptcy in the history of the United States.  That stat always bothered the Barometer because we were, after all, relying on the company’s … Continue reading

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“Let’s hope he doesn’t forget about Illinois when he’s in the White House. Think of all the perks.”

Stunningly, Chicago voter and nurse, Peggy Smith, self described as a “glass-is-half-full girl,” upon being interviewed about Blagojevich’s arrest.  As our mothers used to say, “Now what do we learn from this?”

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Wow! Blagojevich!

Here’s a safety tip:  When the guy you replaced as governor is in prison, you may want to rethink using your predecessor’s strategies on governing.  Here’s another safety tip:  When the Feds tell you that you are under investigation, assume a … Continue reading

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The Cleveland Clinic Shows Ethical Leadership

Making a change that The Barometer has asked of docs and pharmas for over a decade, the Cleveland Clinic will require its 1,800 staff doctors and scientists to disclose to patients their financial relationships with pharmas and medical device manufacturers.  … Continue reading

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Government Issues: Some Honor, Some Indictments

With Detroit’s mayor now sentenced and Ted Stevens not re-elected, we were breathing a sigh of relief on government officials.  However, this week saw the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, Larry Langford, indicted for his alleged receipt of gifts and cash in … Continue reading

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The Rangel Round-Up

For those of you keeping score, Charles Rangel has become to Washington, D.C. and Harlem what Kwame Kilpatrick was to Detroit during his mayoral days there.  You just didn’t know from day to day what new charges of ethical and/or … Continue reading

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“Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin.”

Irwin M. Stelzer, in “Our Hapless Automakers,” in The Weekly Standard.

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“This generation is leading incredibly busy lives.”

Nijmie Dzurinko, Director of the Philadelphia Student Union, in explaining why the Josephson Institute survey on character and ethics in young people shows high levels of cheating and dishonesty.  The Barometer is still looking for that Aristotle discussion of how … Continue reading

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Josephson “Character Counts” 2008 Is Out

The fine bi-annual survey of the Josephson Institute on youth character is now available at Conducted every other year since 1992, the survey of 30,000 high school students at 100 schools nationwide, grades 9-12, reveals that 64% have cheated … Continue reading

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