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You may have crossed a few ethical lines if you are eating evidence in Grand Central Station

The three men are accused of using information from one of New York’s big merger law firms. They would trade the information at Grand Central Station and then eat the papers on which the tips of upcoming mergers were written. … Continue reading

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A Look At The MBA Mindset

A Wall Street Journalarticle on MBAs that was published last week has some disturbing quotes from newly-minted MBAs. Melissa Korn, “M.B.A.s Sour on Strings-Attached Tuition,” Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2014, p. B6. The disturbing thoughts come from MBAs whose … Continue reading

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“Can you find another clueless auditor?”

From a 2008 e-mail from Joel Sanders, the former CFO of Dewey & LeBoeuf, to Frank Canellas, the director of finance, about their plan to come up with $50 million in income to meet loan covenants. Mr. Sanders, Stephen DiCarmine … Continue reading

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“They are trying to put blame on students without taking blame themselves for an issue that they have known about for years.”

Leigh Wilco, a parent at Grady High School, a football power house in Atlanta, where a recent investigation revealed that 14 of the 58 players on the school’s football team used fake addresses to be able to enroll at Grady. … Continue reading

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