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“You get a client with 8 to 12 bodies buried in his yard, and there’s an immediate rush to judgment that he may have done something wrong.”

Mickey Sherman, criminal defense lawyer and ubiquitous “Court TV” presence.  A Connecticut court ruled this week that Michael C. Skakel was entitled to a retrial on his murder conviction because of Mr. Sherman’s failures in his representation of Mr. Skakel. … Continue reading

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The Profligate Bishop Sacked by the Pope

Pope Francis is a man of humility and modesty.  He connects with people and demonstrates love for them.  Add one more quality to this Pope’s toolbox — he’s a darn good manager. Pope Francis suspended the Bishop of Limburg for … Continue reading

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“She’s a model of honesty, integrity, and ethics.”

Lawyer for Rebecca Mairone, a former Countrywide executive who headed up the “Hustle” loan program, a program that resulted in $1 billion in bad mortgage loans that were subsequently dumped on Fannie Mae. A jury concluded on October 22, 2013 … Continue reading

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