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Oops! Found Lois Lerner’s E-mails!

The long, lost Lois Lerner e-mails — 30,000 of them — have been found on back-up tape. We are assured that it will take some time to sort through them. The Barometer suggests making a copy before the sorting begins. … Continue reading

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Jonathan Gruber – “You never trust the people you cheat with; they will throw you under the bus.”

The Barometer knows many a professor just like MIT professor, Jonathan Gruber. They are professors who have theories that they believe (with the operative word being “believe”) will help businesses, government agency, and, on occasion, presidents. Full of desire to … Continue reading

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“I can’t sell it because I have a conscious [sic]. I’m just stuck with it.”

Owner of a Jeep SUV that is under a recall for fuel-tank fires. The recall was in 2013, and involves 1.6 million Jeep vehicles, but there has been a lack of parts and other problems that have resulted in only … Continue reading

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Veracity, Docs, Nurses, and Ebola

The Barometer and others understand that we don’t know everything about Ebola. We also understand that panic does not always walk on the same side of the street as rational thought. However, panic is tough to conquer when a disease … Continue reading

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