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“No one in an executive suite views himself as the next Bernie Madoff, or even the next Lee Farkas, and what happened to them is unlikely to have much, if any, deterrent value.”

Peter J. Henning in the New York Times, writing about the unlikely deterrent effect of a proposed 385-year sentence for Lee Farkas, the convicted TARP fund fraudster. The government’s sentencing memo indicates it hopes to attract the attention of executives. … Continue reading

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“Among the many lessons that I’ve learned from this whole experience is to try to speak a little bit less.”

Former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, on being convicted of 17 of the 18 counts charging him with corruption and crimes appurtenant thereto. For those of you keeping score, Blago is the fourth Illinois governor to be convicted and enjoys the … Continue reading

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“Ambition + Desire = Trouble”

A New York Times headline for an article explaining the psychology behind the conduct of notables such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, and, well, the list goes on and on. We are in need … Continue reading

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On Loyalty – What Price? What Benefits?

The Barometer’s students often explain that they are not entirely forthright during their job interviews. They expect to move on withint a few years from their “starter” jobs, but, say they, “We always tell the recruiter how we plan to … Continue reading

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“There may be some things that people question, but the end results are amazing.”

Former Northwestern journalism student on the ongoing investigation into the Medill Innocence Project, an effort by former Northwestern professor David Protess, that resulted in freeing more than 10 prisoners. Ah, the ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky had a similar … Continue reading

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Maybe If We Get Them Coming in the Door: Turnitin Software To Be Used in Admissions Process at Graduate Schools of Business

In what may be a new head-turner in recognizing how our ethical norms have shifted, several business schools have announced that they will be using Turnitin software to detect plagiarism in applicants’ admissions statements. Turnitin has long been used in … Continue reading

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The Dean, That “Tone at the Top” Thing, and the Sting of “If I Did That . . . “

Dr. Atul Gawande gave a terrific address to the 2010 crop of new docs graduating from Stanford University. You can read that address, “The Velluvial Matrix” in the June 16, 2010 issue of The New Yorker. The graduating docs at … Continue reading

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Stakeholder Theory and Representative Anthony Weiner

It is fascinating to read the commentary vis-à-vis Representative Anthony Weiner (the member of Congress with the texting and tweeting problems, for the few souls in Kazakhstan who may not have picked up on this ongoing saga). The commentary has … Continue reading

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Reading for Ethics

For a crash course in understanding the issues in business ethics, consider the following: Aquinas, Thomas St. “Summa Theologica,” Questions 55, 58, 61-63, from THE MORAL TEACHING OF ST. THOMAS (Burns & Oates:1896), pp. 155, 167-74,197-187. Aristotle, “Moral Virtue,” in … Continue reading

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The R-rated revelation from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) that may wreck his marriage, ruin his career and destroy his reputation appears to be the result of a one-letter typo: “@” instead of “D.”

Biannca Bosker, Huffington Post. Actually, what cost Mr. Weiner all of those things was his conduct. Getting caught is not the issue; that was inevitable. The only question was how much time it would take. Three people can keep a … Continue reading

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Still more in the tangled web arena — Anthony Weiner

Congressman Weiner backed off the “Someone hacked by Twitter account” story and admitted his problem with and habit of inappropriate texting, tweeting, e-mailing, and so forth. Inappropriate? Dang bad judgment! How do these men find time for this? The Barometer’s … Continue reading

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Should CEOs Who Have Resigned in Infamy Leave Their Board Positions?

The Wall Street Journal’s Joann S. Lublin’s June 6th article on boards that keep CEOs on board, as it were, after their “humble exits” from their own companies missed two critical points. The first point centers on the term “humble … Continue reading

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More in the Tangled Web Department: Schwarzenegger and Vick

Arnold Schwarzenegger — at least Mr. Edwards only took two years to admit paternity. Mr. Schwarzenegger took 14 years. The timeline for the former governor is just too painful to recount, from the fact that his mistress and wife were … Continue reading

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In the “Oh, what a tangled web” department — John Edwards is indicted

John Edwards, twice a presidential candidate, once a nominee for vice president, once a United States senator, and a multi-millionarie trial lawyer, was indicted on six counts yesterday by a federal grand jury for violations of federal campaign finance laws. … Continue reading

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