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Dating A Suspect’s Wife May Cross a Few Ethical Lines

A Phoenix FBI agent was arrested this week on charges related to his having an affair with the wife of a man that the agent had once arrested. The agent saw the husband’s case through to a prison sentence. Having … Continue reading

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Superior Skill, Insight, and Industry, or Fraud?

Kyphon employees sold, sold, sold Kyphon’s products for spinal fracture repairs. One rep took his territory’s sales from $16,000 a month to $200,000 per month in less than a year. Incentive programs do produce miracles. The whizzes in organizational behavior … Continue reading

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Those Impish Patriots

Matt Walsh, a golf pro from Hawaii, is speaking up about those Patriots. Seems Walsh was a video operator for the New England Patriots from 1999-2002. Walsh says that he taped the Patriots’ opponents’ signals, tape that he says was … Continue reading

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A Conflict Is a Conflict Is a Conflict Redux

Brilliant researchers at Cornell find that a new imaging technique can detect lung cancer early enough to allow removal of tumors.  If the physician-researchers are correct, they have made a major break though.  The problem is the researchers did not … Continue reading

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“Yikes!!!!” “Double Yikes!!!!”

Wachovia Bank executive to another executive upon her realization, through 4,500 customer complaints, that telemarketers that paid Wachovia for access to its customers were defrauding Wachovia customers.

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