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In a classic illustration of the front-page-of-the-newspaper test for making ethical decisions, the New York Daily News summed up Roger Clemens’ indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice in the investigation into his use of performance-enhancing drugs. The News actually … Continue reading

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The Medium Changes, But the Ethical Issues Are the Same

Reverb Communications settled up with the FTC.  The marketing company agreed to remove from the Internet all the iTune reviews that appeared to be written by run-of-the-mill app users but that had really been written by its very own employees. … Continue reading

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Use a Qualitative Survey

Oh, how we love those dashboards!  Run those surveys!  Get those numbers!  Show how well we are doing on “the ethics thing.”  You would be foolish not to have the surveys, but those numbers may not be telling you what … Continue reading

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If They Can’t Think of an Ethical Dilemma . . .

Here’s an interview question that provides a window into the soul:  Describe an ethical dilemma that you have faced (in your life, your last job) and explain how you resolved it.  If your interviewee struggles to come up with one, … Continue reading

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“Deciding to use performance-enhancing substances and methods has nothing to do with the lack of morality. It has to do with normative structure of elite sport, and the athlete’s commitment to his identity as an athlete.”

 Jay Coakley, sociologist and author, discussing Lance Armstrong and the  allegations of steroid use Ah, but generally shifting norms don’t find us denying our adherence to the norm in lieu of, well, in this case, the laws as well as the regs … Continue reading

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Roger That and Blago This: Truth Percolates and/or Gushes

Roger Clemens was indicted for perjury.  Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was convicted on one count of 24 charges – that of lying to the FBI. Common thread?  Their troubles did not spring from their mistakes, misjudgments, and almost felonies.  … Continue reading

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Of Could vs. Should, Ethical Theory, and Mosques

The Barometer demands reasoning and analysis from her students, not “I feel.”  Were well trained ethics students charged with the assignment of evaluating whether a Muslim community center and mosque should be built three blocks away from Ground Zero in … Continue reading

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The Rude Air Travelers, But I Repeat Myself

The two men from Houston whisked by me as I waited for the TSA agent to use her highlighter and give me entrance to the innards of the Atlanta airport.  They had the attitude of those who travel sockless in … Continue reading

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Another CEO Bites the Dust, Albeit With $40 MIL: Thoughts on Former HP CEO Mark Hurd

   Has every male in America forgotten “Fatal Attraction”? There’s a fine line between romance and sexual harassment – a line that becomes noticeably brighter once one party in the romance loses interest, drops out, or quits awarding contracts. Expense … Continue reading

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The Cut-and-Paste Crowd

The New York Times ran a piece on Sunday, August 1, 2010 that highlighted, as it were, research on the tendency of students today to cut and paste information from the Internet without attribution.  The Times discovered a phenomenon with … Continue reading

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“BP CEO Tony Hayward will step down. He’s looking forward to spending more time saying insensitive things to his family.” Stephen Colbert

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