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“I did what I was supposed to do.”

Penn State University head football coach, Joe Paterno. Yes, but did you do what you should have done? There it is, that, “I complied with the law” cover. In a situation in which the lives of young people are at … Continue reading

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The Goldman Culture Curse: Corzine, MF Global, and Investigations

Jon Corzine began as a bond trader at Goldman Sachs in 1975. Through a climb that made him head of bond trading and then CFO, Mr. Corzine eventually became chairman of Goldman in 1994. After leaving Goldman in 1999, he … Continue reading

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“I heard yesterday from somebody who’s on the board of Goldman Sachs that they are going to lose $2 per share. The street has them making $2.50.”

Raj Rajaratnam,former CEO of the Galleon hedge fund who was convicted of insider trading and sentenced to 11 years in federal prison, telling a Galleon employee on October 24, 2008 about a phone call he had from Rajat Gupta, then … Continue reading

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Stunned and Outraged: The Academic Ghostwriter Who Carts the Illiterate to College Degrees

The Barometer knew it was bad, but even she was shocked by new levels of cheating at colleges and universities revealed in “The Shadow,” by Ed Dante ( thankfully , a nom de plume) in the November 12, 2010 issue … Continue reading

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