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Weeding Out Rogues

One of the Barometer’s most frequently asked questions is, “How can you screen rogues out of your company when you are hiring?” The first response is that you can’t always screen them out – you hope that you have the … Continue reading

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Fix a Ticket, Compromise Trust, and Undermine the Criminal Justice System

That’s the way it has always been done,” is a classic rationalization used to justify unethical conduct. Regardless of whether we have the data to show that “always” is true, we still issue this shield of justification. Only in New … Continue reading

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“There’s nothing new to say about it (euthanasia). It’s been discussed to death.” Dr. Jack Kevorkian, assisted suicide advocate, who died June 3, 2011 at age 83.

Indeed. Interesting that Dr. Kevorkian died in a hospital while being treated for kidney and respiratory problems. Better for thee than me.

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