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The Congressman Who Walked Out

Those who do public speaking are always unnerved when somone in the audience gets up and walks out whilst you are offering your thoughts.  Sometimes the rebel simply needs a restroom.  Sometimes the rebel has a ringing cell phone.  But, this January, … Continue reading

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By Request — Thoughts on Health Care

The Barometer feels like a Top-40 DJ.  By popular request, thoughts on the whirling, swirling, and twirling in Washington, DC.  First, the obvious.  Reasonable minds can differ on what to do about health care.  Second, don’t fret about the level … Continue reading

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“I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe . . . It was my 50th birthday.”

Former Congressman Eric Massa’s explanation for behavior that was the subject of an aide’s complaint.  Isn’t this what most of us do on our 50th birthdays?

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Those Nine Lawyers at the Justice Department: On Constancy in the Noble Role of Counsel

What do John Yoo, Jay Bybee, and Ira Sorkin have in common?  The obvious answer is that they are all lawyers.  Another answer is that they have been all over the news.  One more layer is that they have been vilified because … Continue reading

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“The Seven Signs” — Sign #1 Proven Once Again By New Study

A forthcoming article in the Academy of Management Journal presents research that supports what “Seven Signs” readers have known since 2006: High-performing companies are more likely to break the law.  As readers of ‘Seven Signs” also know, pressure (P=f(x)), hubris, the inability … Continue reading

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Courts should ordinarily greet a claim that several lawyers were required to perform a single set of tasks with healthy skepticism, for purposes of an award of attorney fees.

Diffenderfer v. Gomez-Colon, 606 F. Supp. 2d 222 (D.P.R. 2009)

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But it’s really cool “stuff” this time!

The Barometer always gets questions that begin this way, “I have a friend. . “  Psychiatry and ethics have  identity transfers in common.  So, another story begins . . . A good friend of mine works for a local company that … Continue reading

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No-Drama Derek; Just Results

He gets there on time. He plays. He hits. Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig’s record for hits in October 2009. The Barometer was reminded of this little-noted event because in the year of the Tiger and McGwire admissions there was … Continue reading

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“Man, I like crazy; I would love crazy. Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom planned for crazy. But this week we moved to insane.”

 New York assemblyman on a week in New York politics that found its governor moving from unelectable to investigated to even-Rangel-looks-good status.

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Patients Swiping from Hospitals

Hospital swiping: 64% of hospital patients and family members take towels, linens, and pillows from patient rooms. Now, one-third of the patients in hospitals are not paying for their stays there, so a hospital stay is actually a revenue-producing event … Continue reading

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